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Kingman Fun Facts

Joshua   Noble
Posted On:
Mar 14, 2013  at  at 4:52 PM
History and Culture

Kingman stole (literally) the County Seat  in 1887, and held an election to keep it after the fact.

Mohave County is the fifth largest county in America (13,470 square miles, 34,886 square km). In 1952, Kingman was the first city in Mohave County to be incorporated (1952), and yet the last county seat in the United States to be incorporated.

Aviators Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart dedicated Arizona’s first commercial airport on Route 66 in Kingman in 1929 (pictured at right is Charles Lindbergh and the spirit of St Louis while in Kingman, courtesy of the Mohave Museum of History & Arts).Charles Lindbergh and the spirit of St Louis in Kingman in 1929

In 1962, Dinosaur Caverns was a popular Route 66 Attraction. Geologists let off red smoke bombs inside the caverns, looking for other possible entrances. A couple months later, reports started coming out about red smoke the Grand Canyon filled with red smoke, thus causing the renaming of a Route 66 attraction to the ‘Grand Canyon Caverns’.

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