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Oatman Hwy is in Bloom

Joshua   Noble
Posted On:
Mar 29, 2019  at  at 5:00 PM

Spring brings many colors to the deserts around Kingman, especially along Oatman Hwy. Right now, there's a burst of vibrant life from lupine to poppies, primrose to globe mallow, blue phacelia to… well the list goes on.  Soon dots of yellow, white and red will spring up along the Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area hiking trails, little sprigs are already beginning to blossom. Later this spring, a drive down Historic 66 east of Kingman, through higher elevations, will be accented with sunflowers, black-eyed suzans, daises and more.

How do I get to Oatman Hwy from Kingman?

  • Take Andy Devine Ave west just past the Powerhouse and Locomotive Park, turn left on Arizona Route 66.
  • Continue heading west on Arizona Route 66 to Shinerump Rd and turn right (about 5 miles west of town), or take Interstate 40 west to exit 44 (Shinerump Rd).
  • Take Shinerump west (a right turn off of I-40 when leaving Kingman) and continue for about 1/2 mile to Oatman Hwy / Historic Route 66, and turn left.
  • Continue on Oatman Hwy (Historic Route 66) for another 15 miles and you’re at Cool Springs and the base of the Black Mountains where you’ll enter a whole new world with tuffs of flowers in bloom.

It’s a narrow road, there are a lot of twists and some area it’s 15 mph speed limit stay brave and continue on! Unless you are in an RV, in which case we recommend that you please don’t risk it, go back and get your car, it’s worth the drive!

For more help or information, visit us at the Powerhouse or call 1.928.753.6106 (toll free 1.877.427.7866). We'd be glad to help you make your road trip plans!