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Desert Diamond Distillery Tastings, Cocktails & Tours

A diamond in the desert, Desert Diamond Distillery is a peaceful place to take a break, grab a snack, maybe try a tasting of internationally awarded spirits made in AZ (they make rums, vodka, and whiskey, and their 6-year and 10-year aged products have been ranked in the top ten in the World *IWSC 2021).

D3 is 100% family owned and operated located just off scenic Highway 66 at the Kingman Airport, just four miles from I-40. The Distillery is one of a few in the state that is open to the public and has the privilege of having a retail outlet with a famous tasting bar that was rescued from a famous French restaurant on the old Las Vegas strip. This bar was known to be a favorite place of the Rat Pack, and many others of that era back in the day. The bar now serves up delicious Mohitos, Margaritas, Creamsicles, Old-fashions, Manhattans, Whiskey Sours and many more!

Interested in trying Internationally awarded spirits? The line up on the rum tasting includes a small taste of white rum, vodka, dark rum, aged 3 year rum, and the most popular, the agave rum. The whole tasting is tailored on a wine tasting, and has about the same amount of alcohol as a beer, due to the ¼ ounce tastes. Sharing is caring is the motto there! Interested in whiskeys instead? They have a corn whiskey moonshine, a 2-year corn whiskey, a 7-year wheat whiskey, as well as a NEW RELEASE, Rum&Rye; Arizona’s first collaboration between two prominent award-winning distillers, both members of the AZ Distillers Guild.

Spirits (as of 2022):

Gold Miner White Rum: 40%/80 proof 

Signature rum with a full bouquet of vanillas, finishing slightly sweet and definitely smooth. Great for mixing your favorite drink, cooking and making desserts, or just sitting back and having a relaxing drink on the rocks. Recipient of the 2011 SIP (Spirits International Prestige) Awards Bronze Medal.

Gold Miner Dark Rum: 40%/80 proof 

Signature White Rum aged with white American oak and French oak. This rum’s inherent simplicity and subtle flavors distinguish it from other rums, earning it a 2010 Ministry of Rum Bronze Medal and 2011 SIP Awards Platinum Medal.

Gold Miner Agave Rum: 35%/70 proof 

Award-winning Gold Miner Dark Rum with delicate hints of Agave for an after-dinner sipping rum. Recipient of the 2011 SIP Awards Silver Medal.

Gold Miner Barrel Reserve Rum: 40%/80 proof 

irst bottled in February of 2012, this unique taste garnered a GOLD medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March of 2012. The aroma is sweet and spicy. The taste is smooth and well developed, with hints of spice, licorice and a background of oak aged vanillas. It finishes smooth, yet firm with a full bodied taste that rum drinkers look for. Each bottle is labelled with the barrel number and the bottle number.

  • Black Wax – ages 2-year, 3-year & 4-year. These are favorites of Bourbon and Whiskey fans.
  • Gold Wax – ages 5-year, 6-year through 9-year. These have been favorites of many people, having a bit more natural sugar from the wood.
  • Platinum Wax – age 10-year. This age group won 9th in the World at the IWSC in London in 2021, the year of it’s first release. There are a few bottles left as of June 2022. . . we can’t wait for the next barrel!


Gold Miner Vodka: 40%/80 proof 

Rum is further refined to a vodka with the smoothest flavor possible. Hard-core Vodka connoisseurs have a look of concentration on their faces when they taste this Vodka, which has a very clean and smooth taste. Recipient of the 2011 SIP Awards Silver Medal.

Gold Miner 7 Year Wheat Whiskey: 45%/90 proof 

Fermented, Distilled, Aged and Bottled under the D3 roof, this special Whiskey is the oldest whiskey to be released in Arizona. This is a 100% wheat whiskey, similar to Canadian whiskey's - yet with that AZ twist due to the micro-climates here that age our barrels like none other around the world. Gold Medal - LA Spirit Competition - 2019.

Gold Miner Corn Whiskey: 45%/90 proof 

"White - off the still" - by popular demand! Fermented, Distilled and Bottled under the D3 roof, this deliciously tasty whiskey is by popular demand. Originally made to "just age in the barrel", somehow a sample made it's way to the bar, and the rest is history.

Gold Miner 2 Year Corn Whiskey: 45%/90 proof 

Fermented, Distilled, Aged and Bottled under the D3 roof, this Whiskey is our first release of a special yellow corn that is grown here in AZ (the four corners area). This yellow corn is non-GMO, is a sweek seed corn and is grown by on local Native American land. This is a 100% aged corn whiskey that was first released in the spring of 2021.

NEWEST RELEASE: Rum&Rye, 50%, 100 proof. 

Fermented, Distilled, Aged and Bottled under the D3 roof (the rum) and the Rye is under the Elgin roof. This Whiskey is Arizona’s first collaboration between two top international winners, and we are pleasantly surprised by the flavors in the spirit. Aged six months on sherry butts.

4875 N Olympic Dr

Monday: 10am - 5pm

Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 10am - 5pm

Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm

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