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Bird Scooters Come to Kingman!

Posted On:
Mar 4, 2022  at  at 12:06 PM
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Bird Scooters Available in Kingman Starting This Weekend!

The electric scooters can be used on roads and in bike lanes and have a maximum speed of 15 mph. Scooters must be parked out of the way of pedestrians and never blocking driveways. Riders are required to be 18 years old and above to access the scooters. You are encouraged to wear a helmet on every ride and are required to obey all standard rules of the road.

How to Rent a Scooter:

  1. Download the App to Locate
  2. Scan the QR Code to Unlock
  3. Add a Payment Method
  4. Agree to the Terms
  5. Get Ready to Ride!


Reporting Scooter Issues: If there are any issues with scooters there are multiple ways in which business owners and residents can get in touch with Bird.

  1. Community Mode: Community Mode allows anyone with a Bird account to report or provide feedback on vehicle-related issues such as poorly parked or damaged vehicles in your area. When a report is submitted, a member of the Bird team is assigned to correct the issue. Anyone can access Community Mode by clicking the yellow triangle with and exclamation mark symbol in the bottom left corner within the Bird mobile app. Click this button, and you’ll find three separate options: report a “Badly Parked Bird’’, “Damaged Bird”, and “Contact Bird”. This is by far the most efficient way to report the aforementioned topics to the Bird Team and you do not have to be a rider to use this feature (only have to have the app downloaded).
  2. General Support Email: If riders/constituents would like to reach out over email, this is the address: [email protected]
  3. General Support Line: Our 24/7 support line the community would like to reach out over the phone: +1 (866) 205-2442

 Rider safety and vehicle safety is a priority. Safety information can be found at