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Spring is Flowering

Joshua   Noble
Posted On:
Mar 19, 2015  at  at 5:13 PM
Kingman News
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With just a slight breeze and morning temperatures in the 50’s to 70’s, it’s heaven in Arizona. Along Monolith Gardens Trail, near Kingman, California poppies, desert prim-rose, globe mallow, daisies and verbena are all in bloom. In the coming weeks beavertail will start to bloom.

Monolith Gardens is one of three main trails in the Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area, which also includes Badger Trail (also known as Castlerock Trail) and  Beale Loop Trail. They all offer a slight variation in scenery, vegetation and grade changes, but they interconnect into one main system.

In the late summer early fall, ocotillo and other cactus are in bloom along Badge Trail, which has more gain (about 1,000 ft elevation change) and climbs into the Cerbat range.

Camp Beale Loop follows some of Beale’s wagon road and has less elevation changes (about 500 ft), mostly near the trailhead. You’ll see more bristle brush and creosote along this trail way.

For more information on the hiking trails, or check out the links above, or contact us at the Kingman Visitor Center for maps.